Upon graduating at Ontario College of Art & Design in 2006, a door opened that led into the world of advertising. I was fortunate to work on national advertising campaigns for McDonald’s,
Coca-Cola & Shoppers Drug Mart.  I was immersed in briefs, strategy and searching for consumer insight, but I was left feeling empty inside and it became salient that I was gravitating towards design. 
I soon fell in love with branding, typography and debating on the perfect Pantone colour. I learned how to create designs that have impact and proper printing processes. I began wire-framing and designing websites from scratch. I was hooked. Nine years ago I decided to try my hand at running a freelance business and found success landing clients such as Adidas and Walmart.
You can now can find me doing all things design - from developing brand identities, dabbling in the digital landscape, mastering powerpoint and designing brochures, annual reports, posters, handbooks and more.
Every day I work with my clients to find unique, business-building designs that change opinions, attitudes and, ultimately, consumer behaviour. I focus relentlessly on everything I do with a creative eye and am committed to leveraging all my resources to ensure your success.
I strive to create original yet functional designs and maintain perfect and organized file work. I can produce work under pressure while keeping a cool head. I’m quick, attentive and accessible - yes, I will respond to your emails in a timely manner.
“Design is more of a conversation than a monologue.” In the same spirit as Kelli Anderson’s words, I hope we chat soon.
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